MAKE your city a 1ST 2000-WATT SOCIETY IN THE U.S.

“Invest” $100 become a WorldHolder

Don’t wait for others to lead the way. Invest now to support yourself, your family and your community in reducing energy and building a carbon-neutral future, and start right in your own community.

“Invest” $100 and Sponsor a “WorldHolder Youth”

You believe in the future generation, …… invest in a youth (18 years or younger).

It’s a natural question: “What do I get by kicking in a hundred bucks?” WorldHolders who invest in a 2000-Watt Society are investing in a climate-healthy world and a proven, global framework with the vision, toolkit and when reaching 500 WorldHolder in your community receive a Framework Plan based on your communities energy and carbon footprint to take innovative steps toward carbon neutrality by 2050.




Each WorldHolder who invests $100 makes a commitment to:

  1. Pledge to support their community in implementing “One Target for All.”
  2. Reach 500 WorldHolders to form a local WorldHolder Community, joining together to receive a customized Carbon Framework Plan that documents current conditions to set a framework to benchmarks local energy and climate-change actions.
  3. Share their voice using the 2000-Watt Society framework to launch innovative projects, services and products in their community.
  4. Be part of an international network for holistic thinking and action to achieve a livable carbon-neutral future for all.
  5. Receive ongoing education about standards, guidelines and tools to measure and implement a 2000-Watt Society lifestyle, one that more than 500 cities throughout the world are using.

With the clear target at hand, WorldHolders will drive the action needed to hit these targets. Residents, businesses and government leaders must collaborate on translating their Carbon Framework Plan into an Action Plan that reflects the local culture, climate and ability to implement each project and commit to the changes agreed to.

For example, WorldHolders are at work in Minneapolis. Thanks to their investments so far, you can read the following Carbon Framework Plan for Minneapolis baselines, gaps and recommendations on how they will become a 2000-Watt Society by 2050. (The completed version will be available end of September 2018. Be sure and check back.)

Becoming a 2000-Watt Society_Chart.jpg


Minneapolis, MN | Carbon Framework Plan, 2018



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